Kathryn Domyan

Kathryn Domyan was the winner of our Regional 2017-18 NATSAA competition, the winner of the Governors' Award, and the winner of the Younger Advanced Women category.  Here are her thoughts on this accomplishment:

Since this was my first time competing in the NATSAA competition, my goal was to perform my pieces to the best of my ability without the expectation of winning. I assumed from my lack of experience in this particular competition that the odds were not in my favor. My accompanist and I both agreed that we simply wanted to take the competition one piece at a time, enjoy the moment, and provide the best music that we could give. I felt very good about the music that we performed, and when the winner was announced, I was shocked and more than thrilled to find that I had won. What a validating experience for a young singer!

My approach to the National competition in January will be similar to my approach to the Regional round: I want to take it one piece at a time, enjoy the moment, and provide the best music that I can. However, I will be going in to this experience with a more optimistic attitude, sure of myself and my ability because of the validation I received at the regional level. Whatever the outcome, I will simply be proud to have made it this far, especially with the minimal expectations I had from the start. 

Biography: Soprano Kathryn Domyan is a graduate student at Loyola University New Orleans where she is working towards her Master's Degree in Vocal Performance studying under Dreux Montegut. Recently, Kathryn has performed as Rose Maurrant in Loyola's production of Street Scene and as Blanche Dubois in a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. She will be performing as Mother/Grandmother in the New Orleans Opera Association outreach program’s production of Little Red Riding Hood in December, and she will sing in the chorus of the New Orleans Opera Association's production of Tabasco in January before performing as the lead soprano, Blanche, in Loyola’s production of Dialogues of the Carmelites.

While performing in operas is her passion, Kathryn also enjoys singing for competitions. She was a Madame Rose Competition Semifinalist in 2017 and a Marcella Sembrich Competition Finalist in 2014. In November, Kathryn competed in her tenth NATS competition at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg where she won the NATS Artist Award competition, placed first in the Younger Adult Women category of NATS, and won the Governors' Award. She will be competing in the National NATS Artist Award Semifinal Round in January.